Tree Pruning & Removal

Tree Pruning

Trees require a higher level of care to maintain their health, safety, and aesthetics. Pruning is performed with an understanding of how the tree will respond to each cut. Improper pruning is harmful and can cause damage that will last for the life of your tree or worse, shorten its lifespan.

When performing annual pruning, be aware that each cut has the potential to change or alter the new growth of your tree. Every branch or limb removal should have a reason. West Texas Property Solutions, can assist you in making the right decisions. Species, genetics, and age all play a role.

Common reasons for tree pruning include removing deadwood (tissue), crowded or interfering tree limbs, and eliminating potential hazards. Trees may also be pruned to increase light, code compliance, and building clearance, but in all these cases, we consider annually pruning the basis of all operations. It is known as the pruning cycle.


Tree growth occurs in two ways:

● At the tips, this is known as primary growth. Generally, this growth is anywhere between 8 -12 inches per year.
● In trunk and limb thickness.
● Annual pruning cycles provide for the management of growth, not only in training the tree structurally but also in identifying and treating any health problems early on.

Tree Removal

Tree removal of small trees presents no unique problems. Some homeowners choose to tackle small tree removals themselves. However, tree disposal can offer a challenge – especially if the tree is infected and must be removed from the property. As trees grow and increase in size, both in height and width, they become increasingly difficult to remove, making professional services highly desirable if not an absolute necessity.

Common Reasons for Tree Removal Include:

● Branches may fall and hurt your property
● The disease can spread from tree to other plants
● Dead trees can attract pests
● They are unattractive and can hurt the land value

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