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Drip & Lawn Irrigation System Installation

When you hear the term irrigation, you may think of crops and farms. However, irrigation systems are installed in residential areas as well. You probably know them best as lawn irrigation systems or sprinkler systems.

Irrigation installation in a home can involve more than just installing sprinkler pipes and heads. There are also zones, valves, shutoff valves, backflow preventers, and controllers (the brain of the system). Irrigation is also more than just sprinklers. For example, the drip system.

When you want to water your garden – flower or vegetable -, and a hose is inconveniently located far away, the sprinklers are out of reach or too harsh, and watering by hand is hard to remember to consider installing drip system irrigation regularly. Unlike sprinklers that mimic rain and drop water all over the place, the drip method delivers water directly to the soil leaving stems and leaves dry. This allows every drop of water to count.

If you’re considering irrigation for your lawn or garden, be sure to hire a professional to ensure the job is done right the first time. Contact West Texas Property Solutions, today and let’s talk about your needs.


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