Grass Seed

Seeding your lawn is an integral part of having the yard of your dreams.

West Texas Property Solutionism’s lawn seeding services will make sure your lawn is seeded correctly to create the lush, full grass you always wanted.

Seeding your yard is the first step toward a lush, green lawn. West Texas Property Solutions is your Texas Lawn expert on planting grass seed for a new lawn. For spring, summer, and fall lawn seeding services, just call the experts.

We also offer professional lawn overseeding services as part of our lawn maintenance packages. Overseeding your lawn fills in bare spots to create thick and healthy turf that stands up to foot traffic, retains moisture, and looks great!

Lawn Seeding

When you’re ready for a brand-new lawn, it’s important to remember that not all grass seeds are created equal. First, we’ll help you select the right seed variety based on your climate, soil, and turf requirements. Next, we’ll prep the ground, broadcast the seed, and fertilize the earth according to industry best practices. Before we leave, we’ll provide you with instructions on when to water your soon-to-be lawn.

Lawn Overseeding

Overseeding helps fill in bare spots or improve your existing lawn’s overall density when applied to the entire yard. Spring or fall are the best seasons for overseeding because the seed has time to become established in the soil, and isn’t stressed from foot traffic, drought, or pests. Our fall and spring lawn overseeding services work in tandem with our lawn aeration services. Lawn aeration and overseeding work well together because the holes from aeration provide the seed with a perfect spot to germinate and grow.

Professional Lawn Seeding and Overseeding

If you’re tired of bare spots or thin patches in your lawn, you can trust the experts at West Texas Property Solutions, for lawn seeding and overseeding services to restore your turf. When used with our other lawn maintenance services, our seeding and overseeding services take a holistic approach toward lawn care.


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