Cleaning can be daunting and tiresome. And just when you think you’re finished, you may find yourself sneezing on dust from a hard-to-reach overhead light.

High Dusting and Safety

High dusting can be tricky in both residential and commercial settings. The height of your fixture will determine just how difficult it will be to access and clean. Scaling a ladder inside of your home with a duster in hand can be dangerous. Keep that bulky ladder outside; there’s no need to be a rebel and put your safety at risk! At West Texas Property Solutions, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to safely eliminate dust from your hard-to-reach ceilings and indoor/outdoor lighting fixtures.

The Dangers of Dust Inhalation

Dusting is an unavoidable aspect of being a homeowner. Dust tends to accumulate on your tabletops, blinds, underneath your couches, and most dreadfully – on your light fixtures. Because light fixtures are more challenging to access, dust accumulates rapidly in these locations (especially during the colder months). Dust inhalation is a health hazard that can contribute to low air quality, sneezing, allergies, and further skin, eye, nose, and throat irritation. Aren’t you ready to breathe a little easier this season without dust dragging you down?

The expert staff at West Texas Property Solutions would be happy to help you restore the beauty of your light fixtures by eliminating a hazardous, irritating, and unsightly dust accumulation. Need high commercial dusting? We can help with that, too!


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