Deep Cleaning

You may be able to clean the obvious stuff in your home, but what about that hidden, hard-to-reach dirt and dust?

West Texas Property Solutions cleaning professionals will remove hidden dirt and grime according to your needs and eliminate the possibility of harmful buildup. It will help to get your house into shape and ready for the next season.

It takes days to clean a very messy house without proper experience properly, but our trained staff will get everything in order and purge the house of filth within mere hours, allowing you to focus on things that matter.

Even a frequently cleaned home can benefit greatly from a professional deep clean. Usually, there are too many places around the house that require attention to clean them regularly. This often results in an accumulation of dust, grease, and other build-ups around the home, especially in cleaned areas less frequently. West Texas Property solutions Deep Clean Service provides a professional green clean for your home, giving you peace of mind that you will not only be having your house cleaned with our most extensive cleaning option but also that the products are safe for your family, animals, and the environment.

Our Deep Clean Service option is an upgrade from our average initial or recurring service visit option. The main difference received from upgrading to the Deep Clean Service option is cleaning the interior of items around the home, such as cabinet interiors, inside the oven, and refrigerator.


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